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High-quality domain names built with geographical destinations or descriptive words (ex. Homes, Luxury, Business) are powerful marketing assets which differentiate a company in the global marketplace. In the early years of the internet, there was .com, .net, and .org. Today, we have new internet addresses that contain a complete word on the right side of the dot for added clarity, meaning, and brand cachet – such as .miami.

Below are some recent premium sales in both .com and the new internet addresses. Single word domains that describe a topic or location typically have no close substitute, and therefore command top prices.

.miami is part of the new internet address system, and one of only a handful of new addresses built upon a famous city name. This provides a unique branding enhancement for companies or professionals who operate in the city, or who provide services to a global customer base. In addition to .miami are .nyc, .london, .berlin and a few others. Browse our .miami showcase selections.   $500,300   $500,000   $510,000   $300,000   $3,000,000   currently available: |   $350,000   $335,000   $402,500   $400,000   $30,000,000   $140,000   $183,000   $125,000   $200,000   $50,000   $31,301   $43,000   $58,080



  .MIAMI Premium Domains

    Payment plans are available, and monthly lease with option to buy.

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